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FAQs - Amusement Vending Machines

Q. Will it cost me anything?
A. Not a penny.

Q. How much room will it take up?
A. With a slim compact modern design it will stand just about anywhere. H:1470mm, D:430mm, W:640mm.

Q. Does it need plugging in?
A. No, the Tomy vending system is purely mechanical and virtually maintenance free.

Q. Can I move the machine easily if I need to?
A. Yes, it is mounted on 8 castors with the rear 4 castors easily locked by the quick flick of a catch on each one.

Q. Will one machine satisfy demand at our busy sites?
A. Each machine is made up of four HEADS each holding approximately 150 £1.00 units. The Tomy vending system is modular in form, meaning any number of machines can be connected together if required. Each site is usually assessed prior to installation when the site demand can be discussed with the site manager.

Q. Where will our machines be sited?
A. Again, this is usually assessed on site with the manager and placed at a point that will not cause an obstruction, is safe,and has a high volume of passing traffic.

Q. Will I be responsible for theft and damage?
A. No, all that we ask is that any problems are reported to the local operator as soon as possible.

Q. How and when will I receive my commission?
A. You will receive your 25% commission at least monthly, possibly fortnightly, depending on how heavy demand is at each site. If your commission is to be left on site, it will be left with the pink copy of receipt and the money in cash. The white copy is sent to head office. If your commission is to be forwarded to head office, all cash is checked and signed for with just the pink copy left on site. A cheque will then be sent to head office on a monthly basis with all white copies.

Q. What happens if a customer comes to us with a problem?
A. Each site will be left with a small bag of each stock to eliminate the return of money from your tills. If however cash does need to be refunded, a note should be made and the operator on his/her next call will happily refund the site any cash owing and complete his/her returns book.


Vending Machine

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