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Stickers and Tattoo Vending Machines

Tattoo and sticker machines are the latest craze from the USA. The machines take up only a small amount of space and do not need power. The machines vend a flat pack of stickers or tattoos.

Machine Information

sticker machine
Totally mechanical (requires NO electricity)
Sticker and Tattoo Machine
Operator adjustable price of play
Tattoo Machine Robust all metal cabinet
Sticker and Tattoo Machine
Vast amount of licensed Stickers and Tattoos
Sticker Machine Customised artwork can be supplied
Sticker and Tattoos Customer receives 25%
Our Tattoo and Sticker machines are suitable for shopping centres, holiday centres, adventure parks, animal farms, indoor market halls, play barns, convenience stores, leisure centres, pubs and clubs, tourist attractions and cinemas.
Sticker and tattoo vending machines
Height: 141cm
Width: 47cm
Depth: 51.5cm
Height: 63cm
Width: 41cm
without stand
Height: 63cm
Width: 21cm
Depth: 20cm
without stand
sticker Vending Machine

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